On 25 August 2015, over 750 of Australia’s most influential leaders gathered to reflect on the progress made, and the path forward, in tackling gender inequality in the workplace.

The Male Champions of Change shared the approach they have developed of stepping up beside women to achieve a significant and sustainable increase in the representation of women in leadership, as well as some of the practical actions they have been leading within their own organisations. CEO of CBA, Ian Narev, opened with his own personal reflections on what it has meant to be a MCC, and Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick closed with an invitation to all leaders in the room to ‘step up together’ to achieve change.

   Ian Narev                                            Elmer Funke Kupper                      Andrew Stevens

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   Andrew Penn                                      David Morrison                             Elizabeth Broderick



Hear about some of the practical actions that MCC have been leading across their organisations…


The Journey So Far

Targets with Teeth

The Panel Pledge

All Roles Flex

Taking Action Against Domestic and Family Violence